Franchising with Big Cheese


Kim & Scott Capman, Founders

As former franchisees with other national chains, we were never satisfied with the quality of the products we were selling to our customers. It became obvious to us that these companies operate like a marketing company that just happens to sell food. They spend a lot of money on advertising to keep customers coming back. Our idea is to spend our money on higher quality products and keep our customers coming back for the quality and taste. We are not interested in selling products we are not proud of.

cropped-Fresh-Ready-Logo-RGB-PNG.pngOur core menu is centered around our Fresh and Ready® program, which we introduced in 2001. We keep our most popular menu items fresh, hot and ready to go, so that our customers do not experience long wait times. We always adhere to short hold times so that we know that every pizza that goes out the door will be fresh. Our Point of Sale (POS) system helps the store to anticipate how much product to prepare to minimize waste and keep food costs lows. Our Fresh and Ready® program truly allows us to offer the highest quality pizza, the lowest price and with no wait time!

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